Is Linux Right For You?

When you purchase a new computer these days you have choices on whether to go with the system on the machine or sold separately which can cost a small fortune or to go for Linux.

If you can’t find your way around Linux, here are some advantages of Linux that may help you determine whether it is the right operating system for you.


If you’re basing your decision on price, then Linux is right for you. There is no comparing Windows to Linux when it comes to money; we all know that Windows is expensive, while Linux can be obtained free, a huge cost saving in anyone’s book. All you have to do is go to the webpage and click where it says click here and you have Linux ready to go.


Another known fact about Linux is their security is much stronger than other operating systems; you don’t need home security systems for your computer when you use the Linux system, and you can browse the net without any serious concerns.


The biggest plus for me when it comes to Linux is the ability for me to change what I want and how I want it especially on my desktop, the versatility is easy and amazing and I’m not forced to go with the design given to me. It’s similar to when you are shopping around for remodeling estimates, but you know exactly what you want and don’t need someone deciding for you.

Fast and Efficient

Another interesting fact about Linux is how fast and effective it is, it’s the ideal solution for an older computer which struggles with other operating systems, it is much faster is start up to browsing. It’s like the hcg drops you buy when trying to lose weight, super-fast and super effective, you can think of it as the anti wrinkle cream for older computers to get them running smoothly again.

What Else You Need To Know

Now it is true that when you load Linux onto a machine for the first time you may find it difficult to navigate and get around, this is because it’s something new, something you’re not used to. Once you get the hang of it, it can be very rewarding and offer you many features and benefits you never dreamed possible.

Think of Linux as umbrella companies, they come in to protect and help you when other operating systems fail. You don’t need a digital agency to help you operate your computer and it’s not as hard a work as a pullup bar in the gym.

You need to also take into account that Linux comes with a choice of bundled software including their own word-processing and spreadsheet programs, so you can still do everything you used to do before. Easy and fast internet search engines where you can easily search for Business Coaching or Investment opportunities without any problems.

Why Linux is a Great Operating System

When you get a new computer you have such a selection of operating systems to choose from. There is Windows, MAC and then Linux. Linux tends to be the more popular and has been voted the best operating system, but why?

Firstly Linux is affordable, often it’s completely free. This is a huge draw card for many people. The other operating systems are expensive and they also tend to suffer with viruses and constant updates, which are frustrating to say the least. You don’t need a finance mba online degree to know that finding a free operating system is a huge saving, especially when you have just paid out for a new PC.

Further Linux is less likely to suffer from viruses; the system is very difficult for viruses to get through. You also don’t need to constantly do updates to the virus program or scan your computer regularly; the system filters them out on its own without any effort from yourself. Another big plus for this operating system without you having to do any hard work yourself. Even if you have a criminal justice degree you won’t need to use it with Linux.

The biggest advantage about Linux is how versatile it is. You can customize it to suit your needs. There are developers around the world that are constantly working on improving the system, so you can download add-ons and updates when you want to. It’s not something that is forced upon you. It’s like mis sold ppi, only you can decide if you want to go ahead with a claim, well with Linux only you can decide whether to go for the add-ons and updates.

Another thing that Linux has going for it is the speed. It’s faster to boot up and run than any of the other operating systems available. When you use cheating on words with friends you find words quickly and speed up the game process. Linux is the same; it’s fast to open programs and boot up, making it a firm favorite for many PC users.

There are lots of open source programs to work with Linux, which are free. They have their own word processing package, spreadsheet package and internet browser software. This means you can have all the benefits you would get with any of the other operating systems completely free. You don’t need an executive mba to work them out, they are easy to use and work on the same principles you already know.

Of course there has to be one disadvantage. Nothing comes without a few problems, but with Linux it’s quick to rectify. Linux can be a little difficult to navigate when you first use it; it works differently from the operating systems you have come to know. But once you have figured out how it works you can enjoy all the benefits it offers. You can do online searches with ease whether you’re looking for a communication degree or homes in Belgium.

All in all Linux is the greatest operating system available packed with benefits whether you need a computer for your online criminal justice degrees or you need to do simple online searches, such as searching for visit site. You will find Linux easy and simple to use once you know how to use it